Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I'm almost convinced I can't do long-distance runs anymore. After a couple weeks of really struggling to make it past 4 miles, I crumpled yesterday at just under 4 in 35 minutes, and spent the rest of the day limpin around after taking a codeine. I went to the chiropractor, and his immediate response when he saw me sitting there was, "Why are your shoulders like that?!" They were totally crooked, right higher than left.

After reading up on it a bit ("Pain-Free" by Pete Egoscue, and the Internet), I suspect that pushing the distance is something my body can't handle right now. I need to get a lot stronger with cross-fit first. Apparently, because my lifestyle does not include a lot of intense manual labor, my body acquires habits of stiffness, and over-compensation with incorrect muscles groups. Then, while running, I settle into a "chug-along" stance, maintaining the same incorrect habits (such as un-engaged stomach muscles, tight shoulders, etc) and pound the pavement for an hour, further forcing the incorrect muscle-usage into play.

Since starting training a month ago, I ended up with a severely immobilized hip flexor, which just *won't* work anymore (I can't lift my right leg up to sit cross-legged, I have to bring it up with my hands).....and a middle back so tight it cracked every time I turned to look at something peripheral.....and an inner heel that was so painful it hurt to touch it.

I spent this morning doing stretches, and a cross-fit workout, instead of running. I finished feeling wiped, but also very loose and limber. It was a good tired. No pain, just wobbly tired.

I am not sure what I'm going to do about the 10K coming up. Maybe just train harder on the cross-fit, and keep pushing the mileage, hoping the posture/strength issues help out along the way. Any suggestions from people who have experienced this would be welcome.


  1. I'm beginning to realize the same thing, although I'm only at one-going-on-two miles right now. I can feel all the twists in my spine that kept me on orthotics for years, coming back now that I've started running again. It's kinda depressing. I had hoped that my exercise regime would be just a simple, fast jog every night, but now I'm having to add back in a whole Egoscue regimen as well.

  2. I haven't experienced back problems quite like you have; however, I have run long-distance races (while in soccer and swim team), especially in my early twenties and teens.

    You have to give your body time. Especially after you've had children. It takes much longer for your body to bounce back. In order to be ready for this 10k, you should have been training for a year, not just the last few months. Seriously. Don't be too hard on yourself; maybe do a 5 or 8k instead.

    I admire your drive. Keep it up! I'm just trying to take a walk every day lately. Sheesh :)