Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Running & Health

"I'm only 30," is my mantra, now, as I bounce down the street in my Saucony runners at 5 miles per hour. Lately, I've had to whip my torso around while running to try to get the kinks out of my back that start pinching at about mile #2.

I've started to feel Old.

Truthfully, I've never been in this good a shape in my life. Still, the "healthiness" is taking its toll on my poor joints. Fibromyalgia makes exercise both necessary and extra-painful. While I need to run in order to sleep at night, muscle-recovery is slow and incredibly painful. Since weaning Grace, I'm now able to take my codeine pain-relievers again, thankfully. I hold off as long as I can, but when I have to do something that requires focus (like read through paperwork for the house & sign stuff), I take one to make it through.

That being said, I really am making progress. I can now push through 4 miles without thinking too hard about it. It's a freeing feeling. I love the excitement of eating up that much pavement and tossing around the phrase, "10K race I'm training for". What an ego boost!! HAHA!! Love it!

The weight-loss is slow. I average about 1 pound per week. It's steady, though. And the rib cage is visible again! :) WHY DOES IT ALWAYS COME OFF MY BELLY LAST??!!!! And go ON THERE FIRST??!!!

Yeah, I just had to vent that.

July 30th is the 10K "race I'm training for." ;) That's 6.2 miles. So far, my longest stretch has been 5.3 miles. I hope by July 1st to make it to the 6 miles mark. Hopefully the heat won't be too much of a deterrent  Having experienced heat exhaustion multiple times in my childhood makes me very sensitive to heat. It take quite a lot to get me to break into a sweat, for starters, and by that time, I'm usually already seeing spots and having trouble breathing, body temp too high, etc. Not good to experience this while running.

Recently I almost dropped grains from our diet completely. It has made a big difference in my overall feeling of good gut health. I overload a little on raw veggies & fruits, until I feel full, then have some proteins, then I can handle waiting till the next meal without getting lightheaded or craving sweets. It's working really well!

Home school is calling me...and her name is Violet.


  1. I've got to buy new shoes :( My least favorite part of running is buying shoes... What made you choose the ones you bought?

  2. I had a professional fit my feet for them. We went to "South Sound Runners" where the salespeople know how to "read" your running. They watch you, and based on what your body does, they fit your feet with proper shoes. I overpronate when I run, so I needed extra support under my arches/instep area to keep my feet from turning inwards. It helped my hip pain immediately.