Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Violet-isms for Today...

Readers, BEWARE. Some of the upcoming stuff is not for single, humorless peoples. You have to be a parent to totally appreciate these....

April 21
We were stuffing herbs into a chicken. “Mommy, why are we putting it in the vagina?”
Later in the day, during Dress-Up...."What was your name again?"
“My NAAAME is Gradgaleena Forshey!!”
May 23
“I’m 44 years old!” You are? That’s pretty old! Is that how many years you are? “No....dass how POUNDS I am!”
June 11 2011 
Got into trouble, and tried to explain herself:
I accidently locked the door but I didn' know what I was doin. .......But then I thunked about it. “
July 5
“God has ta think about poots. He does think about it.....and He has to make it not stinky.”
July 12
“Dat boy has a accident in his language.” (an accent....which....wasn’t really true, he was just a 4 year old. A normal one.)
July 19
Talking about her cousins in far-away Florida, after being told another friend is moving to Germany--which is so far away they don't even speak English there, they speak German. 

“I wish we could go live wiss dem in Florida. An we could speak Florfful.”

Then, later:
“I’m not scared of anything. See? I’m not scared of gorillas bangin’ on da glass. I’m juss ‘llergic.”


  1. I'm pretty 'llergic to stuff too, Violet. Stuffs like spiders and lizards and such.

  2. I think God need to really think about the stink in poots,too, Violet - it's just really inconvenient;)