Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Quick Takes

Grace is sick. :( Her fever is holding steady at 102.4. I hope it's not what Ben had....he threw up all night Sunday night. Mine was far easier...just nausea/lower GI stuff for 2 days. He is only just back on coffee. :( I hope to not be waking up tonight to clean crib sheets, poor baby.

I'm happy about not spending as much money as I thought I did this month, in spite of growing kids needing new clothes for fall. We were even able to fit our contruction loan payment into our monthly "bills" category without pulling from savings. God is so gracious!

I have had to put off making split pea soup because it's Not Rainy Enough. YES!

I squeezed in a NAP today.

I went running FAST today....with a lot less knee pain, thanks to some advice about quadracep stretches from a doctor. Guess they're good for some things. ;)

Thursday I will be spending with a Ukrainian friend over some tea....I love her and her 2 children who exactly imitate her delightful accent.

Date night is coming up Friday, and Ben has something mysterious planned. I heard him say on the phone today, "Do I need to make reservations?" *giggle*

Ground-breaking on our property is (MAYBE) tomorrow??

I introduced contractions (Don't, Can't, Isn't) to Violet in school today. It was not what I consider a successful session. HA! But I will prevail!

I started interval training again yesterday.....and my arms are useless!

I have a baby shower coming up for a friend Sunday, and I get to help with decor. AWESOME. I will post pics.

Ben & I are rooting for Ron Paul in 2012 again. He is ALL OVER REddit. If the internet could vote, it would elect Ron Paul. Resultingly, it is a big goal of mine to read the Constitution again before Christmas. As inspiration.

Also, going to try and bring My Sister's Weddings to Washington state. Long-term-ish.

God night!


  1. Definitely a great "catch up" post... Thank you for taking time out to do that. I suppose I don't have a lot to say, except I'd love to hear your voice. Ok, actually, I'll say a few things:

    1. I'm sorry about the sickness. :(

    2. Excellent job on the loan payment from your regular account and not savings!

    3. I have a split pea soup recipe I wasn't crazy about - would you pass yours on if you think it's particularly good? I do relate, I have been waiting and waiting to make my crockpot Black Bean Soup. I love it b/c it's spicy, but topped with homemade greek yogurt that's mixed with cucumber and cilantro to offset the spice. But 90 degree weather every day is uninspiring for a warm meal like that. Every night we do some kind of grain/veggie/fruit salad or grilled veggies.

    4. Your knee pain reminded me of the months of recovery I had after an injury post-Elyana when I was working out hard. I though after 8 months I'd never heal. I think if I'd gotten the advice of a medical professional, I could have done much better. The great news is I did heal and now know how to avoid it.

    5. I have a baby shower on Sat & I'm baking for it. A luxury as I haven't allowed myself to bake any treats since Jace was born.