Wednesday, March 7, 2012


My husband started work yesterday, so I've been getting up early....not's just that our "two hearts entwined as one" have me awakening when he is, I guess. Either that, or he is banging doors and showering loudly. :)

However, I have found time to blog.

Aren't you lucky?

So, readers....we are moved into our new home. I'd say we are *mostly* unpacked and set up. However, I have a very high standard for being "set up"......that is, I like for each room to be completely decorated and staged, outfitted and accessorized.....before I give it the Set Up label. Therefore, we are not quite there. I'm working bit-by-bit on designing drapes, purchasing occasional furniture, and putting up wall hangings and pictures. I have been bit by the Retail Bug. I canNOT stop shopping. (this will only last as long as our savings account, however. Thank goodness for the poverty cure!) Yesterday I scored 2 matching pink velvet miniature chairs for the girls' room. YES. YES, I did.

I still don't have their toys on shelves or in cupboards, yet, but that will come. Ikea....I hear you calling me!

My new fixation with this home is DRAWER ORGANIZERS. I cannot have enough of them. Never before have they looked so appealing. I have always turned my nose up at them in rental homes, thinking "a drawer is to hide a mess", and just dumped stuff in and closed it up. Now, I have a tiny thrill every time I open my bathroom and kitchen drawers and see all that compartmentalized goodness!

On to other news: Ben has a JOB. God brought us together with none other than our Adair Homes counselor, Jackie, whose husband, Clayton, has his own business, and needed an employee to help expand. It's called, "Hydro Physics," and they inspect pipelines for damage/blockage using camera equipment....basically they shove a camera it down sewers and drains, taking pictures of what's down there, and help evaluate blockage/malfunction issues. It is a hands-on, outdoors, service-oriented job that seems to fit Ben MUCH better than the State Farm opportunity he had back in November. He resigned from that position before Christmas due to the demands of that job being far, far above and beyond what even he, as diligent a worker as he is, could produce while moving his family, building a home, and still answer the call of the Army each week. God saw fit to use that job, however, to usher us into a place of being freed up to work on the house, finish it, and move in without any distractions.

Plans are, at the moment, are for him to remain in the Army Reserves, and serve one weekend a month and 2 weeks per year, while continuing to receive some of the military benefits. We shall see how it affects our family...if we can keep it up. We are praying for......well, basically, a deployment-free experience for as long as can be expected. Reserves do deploy, but they are not 15 month-ers, and they are not as frequent as active duty. We will be officially "non-active-duty" on April 21st.

My studio is set up, complete with two pianos, now. GOD IS GOOD! I could not have imagined coming out of building a home and still have enough left to spend on a second piano. But, there it is. It's a huge blessing! I am advertising and taking calls and meeting with parents each week, as they contact me. My prayer is for the studio to become a ministry to families in this community. I am willing to take what God gives me, and let each student & parent be an "ordained" relationship. That being said, it is a bit hard to wait around for people to call. :( I've had quite a few parent meetings, but not a lot of call-backs. I do have one student, still, and she is continuing to come all the way from Yelm. She has her book 1 recital this weekend. Great accomplishment. She's just finished her first year of lessons, and graduates into book 2 already. She's a keeper!

I hear my children stirring......I'm off to Mother.


  1. Delighted to read an update! I cannot wait to see the house in person. We are praying and seeking God on a job as well, when our commitment is up in December. We already have seen God provided a house for the next few years, in my parents' neighborhood, until we have finances to build our home on land! Exciting to see and wait expectantly. We too are looking to go perhaps Guard or Reserve once our time is up. Love you!

  2. Oh, that this were all happening in Virginia! (I am happy for you, though.) Praying for just the right number of students for you, Ben's success and satisfaction with his job--and NO deployments!