Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My life is WOW.

True story. Today marks the day my daughter has adopted the "alberti bass" and the chord as her own, and I listened as she blissfully sang, "Oooooo"  to her own chord/broken chord composition. WOW.

Not only that.....two days ago, she confessed to me she was falling in love with a boy. Much older boy, by the way. A very worthy object, in my opinion. Not one I would mind having as a son-in-law. (My fingers almost rebelled at typing such a word.) She has good taste. :)  I barely kept a straight face as she was telling me, but not because it was funny--more because of the overwhelming JOY I felt at seeing such a pure, vulnerable, tender heart in my daughter. She is a delight! I had the chance to tell her it was important to present that love she felt to God, since she was too young to marry. I pointed out that all the princesses in the movies fell in love, then married their Princes. But she knew she was too young for I think she understood that she had a different role besides girlfriend/wife right now. *whew*

The Grace-a-Face is somewhat different. She is like the point of an arrow. Sharp, extremely fast, and driven by something POWERFUL. Oh yeah, and doesn't always wound. ;) FOr that, I am grateful.  She is a challenge to me--to be more and more soft-hearted and gentle as a mother. Though she is like a spitfire, I have to control my natural reaction to her and respond with the ultimate gentleness instead. That's the only thing that works with her. Also, it blows my mind to think of it, but I'm pretty sure each one of these girls has a different "love language" already. Grace's is Quality Time. She melts into cuddles and impulsive hugs and "Ohh, mama!"s when I sit and read with her or talk to her about her ABC's or colors.

Having the 2 of them share a bed (nearly) has been a very special thing. Ben & I creep in at night to check on them, and they're usually cuddling together in their sleep. Delight!!

Ben & I:

Ben's new job is providing an unexpected extra income, since we're sitll receiving an Army paycheck. It's not much, just "training pay" as he learns the ropes of this job,'s such a BLESSING. We have so many projects to complete on this home as it gets warmer...the outside is calling. Patio, garden, flower beds, fruit trees, landscaping, playground....the list goes on. He loves working outside like this, visiting gorgeous homes all over the state. He works long hours, but--I'm resigned to the fact that when you're young, like we just have to work hard. There's no Utopian Job that is going to provide time at home, benefits, vacations, and plenty of savings when you're barely 30. At least he's not gone for 15 months straight. For that, I am beyond grateful!

(OH MY GOSH, she just started playing minor to major chords, and hollered, "Mom, it's kinda like the Office song!" Yes.....yes it is.)

Me, I'm praying hard these days. I'm seeking students.....and they're evading me. I've hosted around 9 parents at the informational meetings, and none of them have called back. That's a pretty unusual number. Honestly--I've never had such a low percentage of call-backs. In fact, most of the time, if they come to a meeting, they call back. This is weird for me. So there sits my 2 pianos in the studio, black, beautiful, and mostly silent. And I pray....

God will bring about His will, of that I am certain. But, I want to do everything I can to make those students come forth!

On to the rest of my day. 

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  1. Oh those girlies :) So precious!

    So glad Ben's job is going so well!