Monday, July 11, 2011


So, our surreal 6 months of Army-sponsored school is over. Ben went back to work last week, and this will be his first full 5-day work week. He got a new job with I Corps, since his former PSD group (Personal Security Detachment) at HHC (Headquarters of the Headquarters of the Company) wasn't interested in furthering his career once he signed his declination statement. I Corps needed "someone articulate who could use a computer who was ETS-ing" to be the Administrative Assistant for the I Corps Sergeant Major. No career-advancement opportunities, but professional and smart with Windows.

It's an admin job, yes. He would rather be training.....but God seems to keep putting him in these positions next to Colonels and Sergeants Major. At first he was a little freaked-out....working so closely with the highest-ranking enlisted officer on Ft. Lewis....but it seems the guy is pretty easy-going. They get along well.

They both drive Priuses. Or Prii, if you will. ;)

I have to admit, I am proud of him. Even with the "ETS" job, he is put in a position of honor. It will look good on a resume that he worked with I Corps SGM. 

We don't see him much during the day now. We all miss him a LOT. Violet just can't leave him alone once he comes home in the evening. It's a pretty long day....5AM to about 5-6PM. *sigh* I will be glad when we rank among the "Normals" of American Employed....9-5, baby, 9-5.

Oh yeah, I launched my new website. WWW.SUZUKIOLYMPIA.COM  It is my (rather desperate) prayer that God will bless richly this new location, and bring students in by the dozens. I miss teaching...and I also hope to help our family's income when Ben ETS-es.

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