Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Violetism I Had To Post...

Today we had to drop off some papers to Ben at his work. I was trying to explain to Violet how different Ben's work is now that he works for 1st Corps headquarters. Why we couldn't go in, why we had trouble finding Daddy's parking lot...it's a private "secret" lot for 1st Corps employees only. She was crushed that we couldn't go inside and see him. I tried to explain how it was an important place where Daddy worked, for Generals and important people, and we must respect them.

At bedtime tonight, Ben got some feedback from that conversation.

Violet: "Goodnight, Daddy."

Ben: "Goodnight, Violet. I love you."

Violet: "Have a good day at work tomorrow.

And don’t boss people around.     Let them be the boss of you.

Because they’re very powerful people.

They’re important people.”

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  1. I love how our children take in what we tell them, and then parrot it back out to us, but at appropriate times and in their own words. :)

    We have a lot of Elyana seeing children disobeying or throwing fits, and then telling them "Honor your father and mother" or "Control your emotions."

    So now, we work on not being bossy. :)