Monday, August 29, 2011

Why I Haven't Been Posting Recently

1. We are supposed to begin excavation on the house this week and I'm waiting to post all the exciting details
2. We just got back from a very relaxing trip to California
3. I have a wedding coming up on Friday for which I'm doing flowers
4. I had to cancel the wedding on Friday because
5. my Grandmother (Mom's mom) passed away Thursday while we were still in San Francisco
6. We left a little earlier than expected from SF because we had to get home in time to buy tickets and make arrangements to fly to PENNSYLVANIA for the funeral
7. We spent A LOT OF MONEY and I always feel more like complaining when I spend A LOT OF MONEY and I don't like to write when I'm feeling complain-y
8. I have been trying hard to spend time with my fast-growing girlies instead of spending time on the computer.
9. I'm still going to do the flowers for the wedding, because I have no other option, really.....I ordered them, and I can't just plop them into buckets and hand them to the bride. Poor bride. Wedding ruined by funeral? I think not. I will do my best to make it all happen. I will do it all.
10. In conclusion, I could use a lot of prayer. Actually, I could use a lot of the Holy Spirit's power to strengthen, calm, nurture, and protect me from the Tyranny of the Urgent this week. It is MADNESS trying to plan this, hotels, visits, drive down to VA....cramming in so much "quality time" into 6 days is MADNESS. Please pray for us. I want to keep seeking the Kingdom first, and not lose out on the Preciousness of fellowship with my family and our King during this time.


  1. Boy, do I know all of those feeling recently! Basically, that's been my life since getting back from VA in July - house junk, sickness, church -- seems like it never stops and even when I think we're going to have some "downtime" something else "urgent" crops up. ugh. Hoping this trip to PA won't be too crazy now that most plans are made - at least after we get on the plane;)

  2. When are you leaving? Maybe I could watch the girls for you? Let me know