Wednesday, September 28, 2011


God has blessed us RICHLY. Today I spent sharing/praying with a friend, while our kids played outside in the sunshine on our quiet street. We baked pumpkin bread. We sipped home-roasted coffee. Then my husband came home early from work. We watched our kids play together with the neighborhood children in the sunshine for an hour or so, catching our breath at the beauty of God's creation: our chubby, smiling baby girl, who flies around the neighborhood on her tiny tricycle......our older daughter who has the imagination of a movie producer....snapshot: 

("Gavin, you die again, okay?" "Okay." *rushes over to a fallen Gavin* "OH, my dear HUSband! *strokes his "dying" face* Gavin laps up the female attention. Then later he sees Violet pouting about not getting her toy, and voluntarily goes over to comfort her. She rewards him with a hug and a KISS. He blushes and sits paralyzed for a second.) 

Ben worked on his resume a bit this afternoon while Gracie napped. Violet & I went shopping for a bit. I struck it RICH in Goodwill with 2 like-new Old Navy shirts and one designer sweater, plus matching purple satin bedskirts for little girls' twin beds....under $20 for everything!!! Then when I stopped at Wal-Mart for some fill-in's for groceries this week (I hate shopping there, but it's close, so I fill in with what I need until I can get up into town) and found peaches for THIRTY-EIGHT CENTS A POUND. So I bought a ton. I don't know what I'm gonna do with them all, but I will USE THEM!!

Dinner was a delightful experience: I always love it when I can assemble it, then pop it in the oven for a bit before plating and serving. It gives me time to catch up on dishes, then there's not so much to do afterwards.

Following the amazing locally-grown stuffed peppers with locally raised sausage accompanied by a malbec, (The flavors/scents were amazing. Fresh sage, thyme, parsley.....yum!) there was lots of Daddy-Daughter playtime. Grace has little tolerance for sitting in her own chair when DADA is across the table from her. She would FAR rather eat while nestled in his lap. So, he folds under the Cuteness, and feeds her from his chair. ;) To those of you who would see that as Dis-Order in the family, let me tell you, it is Wonderful and Beautiful to see this man with his girls, so deeply in love with them as he is, after missing out on 2 and a half years of them. I won't hold Grace in my lap and feed her, but I revel in the preciousness of his devotion to them.

The day was amazing....the company, the fellowship, the relationships, the creation....the food. ;) God is good. Beyond all else, God. Is. Good.

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  1. Beautiful!

    And NO! Definitely not dis-order!! What a beautiful action on Daddy's part, to his little girl! They are only THAT small and THAT cute for such a little time. You will miss this time very soon, so cherish it now! : )