Thursday, October 13, 2011

O, Exercise, how I love/hate thee.

If there were one superficial-type thing I could change about my life (i.e., barring my "Sin Nature"), it would be the need for exercise.

It complicates everything. I wake up, wondering when I'm going to have a chance to run, or work out in the garage. This tension mounts during the day, depending on what kind of needs my children have (school, sickness, friends over, events that supercede other events) and what is on my books for the day. Phone calls come and go, lunch comes and goes....I'm still in my workout clothes. I leave them on because they're the biggest reminder that I still have something to do. EXERCISE. I feel unprepared for the day as long as I'm in sweats and a sports bra with my hair un-brushed and unshowered. But I leave it that way. Because once I get dressed, that's it. There's no going back and changing into exercise clothes and breaking a sweat....the day's demands swarm around me, urging me to accomplish MORE.

I would love to get out of bed in the morning, jump into my clothes, and face the day's activities with my clothes on and my hair brushed. I hate the Exercise Enemy lurking at my feet like an annoying cat all day, promising me toned abs and a good night's sleep, but evading me as the emails pile up and the children call for me. I hate being the homeschool mom who doesn't ever get dressed. I hate answering the door like this.

Ugh. Im in the middle of one of those days right now. I have bread to bake, school to teach, piano to do with Violet, menus to plan, dinner to prepare, and a toddler to satisfy. And I'm still in my spandex. And I know time is running out. If I don't have Everything Done and a shower/hair-dry by 3PM, I'm S.O.L.

I'm addicted to it, though. I can't sleep if I don't exercise. If I can't sleep, I have FMS pain--BIG TIME. Also, needless to say, I would get fat if I didn't work out. I love to eat, so I have to sweat. Additionally, NOW THAT I'M THIRTY, I have to keep fit in order to not die young. HA! I already have an knee injury.

Exercise, I Love/Hate you.


  1. Wow. You have summed up so MUCH of my feelings. It is difficult. Although, I have such early risers, I have a hard time planning to exercise in the morning. I PLAN it for when both kids are napping. Then of course, when their schedules don't overlap enough, or anything takes precedence (like making Jonathan dinner before he leaves for work), and I don't get it in, I'm struggling to not be frustrated. I do not want to feel frustration toward my children for my not getting to exercise! So I tell myself I'll complete it after bed. That often doesn't occur. What a difficult time in life to need to exercise, and yet once you've been pregnant and given birth, how NECESSARY in order to regain the body I want.

    I don't know the answer, except I tell myself that if I were to schedule my day out - hour by hour with what I should be doing - I would have better chances at accomplishing it.