Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Slow Days

I do love being a "Stay At Home Mom" in theory......but honestly, I can only do about 48 hours before I'm ready to get out of the frikkin' house. This sharing a family car thing is for the birds!

We get done with school by 10, then Gracie goes down for a nap....and all is quiet....and I get that itchy feeling to go shower, do my hair & makeup, and get GONE. Instead, I shuffle around tidying up, washing dishes, laundering diapers, checking emails, and writing lists. The day looms ahead blankly, and I am unmotivated to start anything.

By my right hand, tomorrow we are all getting up early to take Ben to work, then spending the day in Tacoma, playing, shopping, and getting sleep-deprived.

I am tired of my white walls.....the endless picking up after the Toddler.....the endless laundry......the fickleness of the internet, promising entertainment and fulfillment......the tedious boredom that refuses to settle into creativity and productivity.....

At least Monday and Tuesday were SUNNY!!!

But, Violet is playing outside, no problem. She and Gavin take turns pretending to be dead. HA. I just typed, "bored" instead of "dead." Then I had to delete it and re-type "dead."Freudian slip.

I love my car. I wish it were here.



  1. I'm just the opposite...getting up and out of the house for work by 9 am five or six days a week is not my #1 favorite thing. Sometimes, I just want to stay in my pjs till noon and watch old black and white movies and eat leftover egg rolls and fudge brownie ice cream,or something. I guess we all need escape from the "tediousness" of our lives.

  2. Okay, see my blog post...had to post after I read yours!

    I felt the exact same yesterday. Had to get out or I was going to go CRAZY!!