Thursday, May 17, 2012

Revival: Things I Love

1. When Violet speaks exactly what she is thinking. Such as, "I have to be with you during Quiet Time because I have no friend to be with, so I don't be lonely."
2. Quiet Time
3. Costco Samples
4. The taste of Gracie's cheeks
5. The Psalms.....singing them, especially.
6. Good wine
7. Drapes that go to the floor and puddle up
8. A very good Mystery
9. The ponytail on the back of Grace's Very Round Head.
10. My husband's laugh
11. The and hate, really.
12. Forgiveness among Believers--how precious!
13. The way Violet says, "pretend I'm a lady..."
14. ....and then she makes a List, like her mommy. "What shall I put on my list?"
15. Rewarding my children for unexpectedly good behavior
16. When Grace cuddles up on Violet, and Violet says, "Look, mommy, she loves me!"
17. Cheese.
18. Outdoor fires.
19. Grass lawns....especially this year!
20. The end of an argument between my love & I.....peace restored by God's grace. Not that we're fierce, but that when we commit ourselves to Him in the heat of selfishness, we see so clearly it is not us in our cleverness solving something brilliant, but Him in His God-ness, reaching down to us and making us like Him.

The End.

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