Monday, June 4, 2012

Communion Is Funny

Sunday Ben had his Air Force Duty for this month, so I was the Lone Parent with the kids at church. We have been working on keeping Violet with us to help ease the understaffed children's church coordinators. It's been a blessing, in the end, because things like this will happen:

It was Communion Sunday, and I took opportunities throughout the sermon to gather Violet close to me, and whisper explanations of Pierre's sermon to her in 5 year old terminology. I tried leading up to Communion, as well, once we had corporately stated Confession. I asked her if she would confess her sins privately to Jesus. She nodded and bowed her head for a moment. I was impressed that my explanations had made such an impact. I passed her a tiny cup of grape juice, and her eyes sparkled.

I asked her, "What is this a picture of?" She answered dutifully, "The blood of Jesus--" and before she could finish, I whispered, "And what is it for?" "It's for----it's for---" I could tell her mind was elsewhere and she really wanted to tell me something else. Trying to get her to refocus, I hastily repeated the question, "Why do we need the blood of Jesus?"

Too late. There was a final struggle to answer, but then she lost it. A grin broke out on her face and she whispered,

"Cheers, Mommy."

and clinked my communion cup with hers.


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