Monday, September 24, 2012

Ten Quick Takes

1. Ben has left. It is a hole in our family, though a familiar one. I hate it. Nothing new there.

2. He is a busy, busy guy. He is learning how to repair aircraft by day (as well as do PT) and learning how to design mobile device applications by night. He's doing REALLY well at both. Both are things he loves. He's much happier doing these things in TX than doing ....what he was Iraq. That's a plus.

3. We are settling into a homeschooling routine, finally. I have a long list of things we can dive into, exploring what Violet's interests are as she grows. We have on our list: 

  • geography
  • American history
  • science
  • birds
  • magnets (a hands-on part of science)
  • geometry puzzles
  • math
  • Math-It (math game)
  • Time & money worksheets (drills)
  • spelling
  • Art
  • handwriting
  • scripture memorization & catechism (as a sub-set of handwriting)
  • piano
  • typing (internet course)
  • gymnastics
We end up doing a different set of things each day--our only regulars being history, handwriting, and math. Oddly, even with this much volume of subjects, we seem to easily do it all during Gracie's naptime. 2 hours is the most we've ever spent together, studying. 

4. Every week I, along with a friend, am responsible for creating a worship service at our church. It's right around 6-7 songs. Communion, too. It's no secret that it's a lot for me to do while single-parenting 2 kids, and trying to run a studio & build a yard/still finish moving in/setting up house. I find it an immense blessing, however, to be forced to worship the Lord that much during the week. Without it, I would be far less inclined to sing praise songs and "lift my eyes".

5. I am visiting the chiropractor again (a new guy) to try to "fix" fibromyalgia. Every few years, I cycle back round to someone or something--trying to see if there's anything new. Well, this guy is different. He's like the Suzuki method of the chiropractic world. He has a special Theory, and a special adjustment. And, the best part: it's really working. I am feeling less "brain fog" than ever, and have lost the tension-induced cysts in my shoulders and neck. I have tendonitis in my wrists that is finally breaking up and disappearing after suffering from it for 12 years. 

6. I have no idea what Christmas is going to be like. Where we'll be, with whom we'll be.

7. My sister is getting married in Nov, and I will (at this point) not be going to the wedding in Virginia. Sad. I have lost touch with a lot of what goes on in my family. I don't know exactly how to reconnect. My "Default" mode is to compartmentalize what I can't control & don't like. So, I just don't think about it. 

8. I have raked and raked and raked the dirt around in our yards. I am *THIS* close to being ready to plant grass. I will post pictures, I promise. Once it gets interesting.

9. I had an influx of students in September, once school started. It was good for 2 actual signers-on. I have a total of 7 kids, now. It's a good number. 

10. I have a project in my near future: Ben's office! It's going to be fun. 

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