Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Long Time Ago: Changes

A long time ago I started this blog.

2 years ago we moved into this house. We have never lived that long in one place before. As a married couple, that is.

I will be thirty-three in two weeks.

My daughter is in public school. This is probably temporary, it's just giving me a chance to get some stability with the piano studio and the church worship job.

Ben is enrolled in college for a topic he both enjoys and is really really good at. Web design. He has a couple of sites built already. Most noticeably: sojournlacey.com. (Our church)

I played a Steinway piano for the first time ever, and now I know what piano basics technique is FOR. I wish they didn't cost so much. Why are the best things in life $100,000?

I started group classes with my piano students, and they love it! Music is terribly underfunded in schools, and for kids to really learn and assimilate music, make it their own and enjoy it fully, I have to be more than just a piano teacher. I'm going to be raising my prices and doing more with the students I've got.

I miss my east coast family very, very much. My daughter said, "Why don't we invite them over. We haven't seen our cousins in a really long time!" Again, why do the best things in life cost thousands of dollars? I would love to just live out here and go back to visit every 4 months or so.

We still haven't landscaped our yard two years after moving in. We just have sketchy grass plus moss. There is a garden dug, but nothing in it except compost and crows.

In our thirties......we have two children and we are barely making enough to live on. Yet, God is the author of every good thing....and somehow we managed to get repairs done on our car by the dealership for free this week. Also, our heat pump is getting replaced...also for free.

We found out recently Ben is allergic to gluten. Gone are the days of making loaves of wheat bread for my family. How things change!

I'm learning to play the drums.....djembe, in particular. Well, piano is a percussion instrument after all! Violet also can play the djembe. And the ukulele. She has gotten pretty good at figuring out the chords. Apparently, we have a musical family!  :) Grace has gotten "Cuckoo" down on the piano, too. So fun to watch her play!

Sleep is still my most powerful drug. Fibromyalgia is definitely still in place in my body. But more than ever, sleep can be its daily cure. I had 6 months of physical therapy, which helped resolve some things and helped understand my muscle aches and tensions a bit. But the FMS is still there, it's real. I cannot deny it. And so I must, must sleep. Oddly enough, I am awake here at 3am. That is the Thing with fibromyalgia. I need sleep, but I cannot get it.

Ben and I see a lot of each other these days. He is home all day, while working on college, and though we are together, we can just turn into "partners" and forget about being spouses. :( We have had to carefully carve out time for Us. During the mornings while Violet is in school, I have Grace and Ethan (friend's child: 7 m/o) and housework and a little homeschool preschool. Then we swap at 2:00. I work out, shower, and pick up Violet from school and then teach all afternoon until 7pm. He does dinner, homework, and chores with the kids. We finally hang out together at bedtime. It's a long day. Wednesday is different. I work at the church alone from 10-3pm. Then I pick up Violet and teach until 5:45. Then we have our only family dinner together. One per week. That's what we're down to. How things change!

Also, I deleted my Facebook account last month,  and then broke my phone (the former on purpose, the latter NOT SO much)......so I have been very distant from the Outside World. If you have texted me or called my cell lately and you thought I had given you the cold shoulder.....well, that is the reason. The phone is broken. And call-forwarding apparently doesn't work unless you activate it on the app.....on the phone. :P So it's going to remain broken until we stumble across some cash in the street or buried on our yard.

Our small group is going through the Gospel Primer. It's been a very nurturing group discussion book. We have had a hard year of extreme changes and growth. But I rest in Gods faithfulness and His goodness. He created everything in life that is good! How can I not rest in Him?

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  1. I have been so busy with daily life hat it dawned on me the other day..."I haven't seen any updates on Susi (on fb)! Now I know why. I don't blame you, when you're a mom, there can just be one too many things to keep up with. My blog being one of them. Obviously, I haven't kept up with that. Good to hear you are doing well (albeit busy), Friend!

    Btw, we are having a BOY come late June/early July! Keep in touch, Joy