Friday, March 14, 2014


And now, I'm pregnant.

I am 8 weeks along, and due October 25. I'm nauseous ALL DAY LONG and sometimes even puke early in the mornings.

I find myself in wonderment mostly, like, feeling strongly the Hand of God on my body, my life. There's nothing like feeling overwhelmed with life, stress, commitments, lack of fulfillment, frustration, of what-have-you, and then God saying, "I am in control of your life. See? Here is a pregnancy to help convince you of that."

I'm not exactly worried about the baby....but I'd be lying if I said it was a planned pregnancy. We were both emotionally ready to have another child, but not financially. It is tempting to be very scared about how we are going to pay for anything surrounding this new child,'s almost like it's too obvious a challenge to indulge in worry over this.

So, there it is. Ben is working incredibly hard....and is considering quitting one of the jobs, or doing something drastic to help us reduce the amount of hours we put into surviving each week, while still being able to afford to have another child.

Only 18 more months until school is over, and he can get a job.


  1. Oh Susi, congratulations!! I certainly hope the "morning" sickness improves with the coming of your second trimester. What a blessing to have a new little one on the way, even with the uncertainties and challenges. I am looking forward to hearing about this journey. Much Love.

  2. That is exciting news Susi! Hang in there, first trimester is hard (for me especially). I will pray for you!