Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Next Thing

The title of my blog is significant: it represents where I feel I "am" in my life right now. a lot of ways. I am 30, now. I'm past my "new mom" phase, "newly married" phase, and we're settled into a new life, new church, new state. I have been asking God, "What's the Next Thing?" "How can I know more of You?"

I've had ups and downs, too....."up" when I get to know the church better, loving them, ministering to them...."downs" when I feel the need for MORE of God, and the desire to go "further up and further in" with Him. I keep pushing in my prayer time, "What is the next thing, Lord?"

This morning it hit me. It's Evangelism.

I don't know why I missed it. I've been preening myself, spiritually, for a while. How "good" do I think I need to be before I start sharing the gospel with the lost? I have been wanting a deeper marriage, a deeper relationship with God, I've wanted to be a better mother, a better friend, a more active church-member, a servant in the kingdom (church body)...............but it wasn't Quite Right.

Last night we had a conversation with our pastor. It was about Evangelism. It was.......timely. And my heart was struggling with the pull to preach to the lost, to get out of the comfort of the church. I prayed over it this morning, and thank GOD for His Holy Spirit: He answered me so quickly.

Share the Gospel. 

You are thankful? You are grateful? You feel healthy? You feel fed? Now, share the Good Food with the perishing. *BAM*


So, actually, this "comfort thing" is new for me. Now I actually AM comfortable with the church. The relationships are nurturing, there is good prayer, worship, and fellowship. The teaching is nutritious, and I feel well-fed. To be honest, it's taken a while to get here. Deployments, moves, and other "Issues" have taken a lot of my energy. Now feels like a time of Plenty. So, now what? This was my on-going question.

And the answer is: evangelism. Tell the gospel to the lost.

That is The Next Thing.

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  1. FCC is doing the Alpha Course right now, a GREAT evangelistic tool, from all I can see, used world-wide, and the only one I've seen that incorporates physical feeding with evangelism. When I am free of my prior responsibilities (mainly Dad, as the time for it begins at the dinner hour), I will become part of it. Hope you find something as good, although just keeping evangelism in mind on an individual daily basis, without a program, is certainly the best, if you can start right there with confidence.