Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Quick Takes

Independence Day is today. While trying to explain it in the car to Violet, "....and a bunch of men--leaders--decided they were tired of taxes and silly laws so they all signed a paper saying they were free from England---" and I realized how much I loved teaching. How much I am going to love homeschooling my girls. And I missed my turn.

But recently:

~We picked PNW strawberries and, like every year here, wonder why we do it--being that they're so freakin' tiny it takes 1n hour to fill a flat

~We remembered why we do it when we made and tasted freezer jam

~We have still not decided how we're going to do school next year. But there is a shadow of a schedule, which includes homeschooling, public school kindergarten, and dance class.

~We have deep compassion for hurting, broken friends. I wonder why we keep trying the same things over and over again instead of reaching for the Word, listening to it, and trying something New and Healing. We pray a lot.

~We went without healthcare for 45 days and found I have asthma. Typical.

~Ben discovered what he wants to do when he grows up. He has to hurry. He's almost 30!

~We got a mortgage. And mortgage insurance. And taxes.

~We still have $20,000+ in equity in our home. *boast*boast*

~We miss our family back East. Our daughters are growing up. They don't really know who "Grammy" is. That's hard.

~Our Family in Christ so dear. And we are learning, along with them, to be missionaries in our little village. Er, city. We, like those sent to Africa, are learning the culture, listening to the trends, understanding the needs & lifestyles of those around us who are lost.

~I have a few more students now  than I did last post. Six, to be exact. It is still my passion to teach young ones. I still get excited giving my parent talks. I pray that God uses that studio with its yellow paint and two black pianos to grow seeds of truth in peoples' lives.

~It will cost us $2000 to fly 3/4 of our family eastward in November to witness my sister getting married. I should just write them a check for half that amount and wish them congratulations & pay for their honeymoon. :S

~Every day I get older. Old age & death draws nearer. My purpose in life becomes clearer.

  • My children to know Christ
  • My life to be a Living count.

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