Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Post

Man, it is hard to write these days. My life used to flow on....then catch up in my mind, like weaving threads in and out in and out.....then scrunching all those threads together and VOILA, there's a fabric with a pattern!

Now--it's more like just a wild web of threads....going and going and going....

I don't know where things are going to take us. When will I have time to look back and see those woven threads compacted and make a beautiful tapestry? I know it's there, but what I rarely have time to do anything but look forward--not back--into the next week, keeping up with all our activities.

I look upwards, too. Worship is SO important when you're busy. It sprinkles meaning onto every "what're we doing today" conversation I have with my husband and kids.

"Unless a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die, how can it bear fruit?"  I keep refreshing my memory with that. I am offering my life up to God and right now, it's burning fast. :) Like--someone poured a lot of lighter fluid on it.


  1. No one could possibly have convinced me as a young mom how swiftly the years would fly by after my children were born - I honestly can't remember being 31 and now my oldest child is nearly 31. I absolutely agree about the importance of worship, especially as I get closer to heaven, especially during the routine panic of life on earth...

  2. Life gets so busy. I believe writing during this season of momhood is so hard...because we're just trying to get meals on the table.

    The important thing are worshiping! I have been doing that more this summer than ever and the girls and I are doing what is most important: learning to love the Lord with all that we have!

    You are doing great Susi! We need to catch up soon.