Monday, July 30, 2012

Today: Brought To You By Lots of Chocolate Metaphors

Today I raked rocks from my dirty, dusty yard into little piles. Then I shucked them up with a short-handled shovel and tossed them into a wagon. Then I jerked and hauled that wagon down to the rear of the property and dumped them with a massive, Herculean heave.

Manual labor is relaxing to me. I always have loved repetitive tasks. I guess that's why I am good at piano. I love to repeat stuff. As soon as it becomes familiar, I am all over it. Over, and over again. I also yo-yo. That is something random about me..... Back in the day, I yo-yoed with my brother when it was a fad. I was hooked, and got really good at all the little tricks and stuff.

I should get my yo-yo out again and look up some YouTube videos. I do love to yo-yo....

The yard is now a cocoa color, front and back, together--clean of rocks. Well, not really. Not at all. In fact, I only just got up the ones from the surface. Not even all the surface ones. So, I raked some of the rocks off the very top of the yard. There. Now it sounds useless.

Well, no matter. It's done. The time has been wasted. ;)

Tomorrow, four dump truck plus trailer loads will arrive in my dusty cocoa yard and dump mounds of fine chocolate crumbs all in heaps around my house. It will be lovely. All the rocks will be forgotten. After a few weeks we will see some happy green shoots plowing their way out of the chocolate towards the sun!

Apparently, I have chocolate on the brain. It happens at night.....with my glass of wine, I think, "Chocolate would be nice." And then I suck in my tummy. And the ab muscles hurt. And then I remember my yard. So cocoa-y.

I have been a very good wife tonight--made Ben a bacon-egg sandwich for his early breakfast. And wrote a note. :)

By the way, I thought the world should know: My biceps are massive from all this shoveling. So are my callouses. It is a healthy, comforting feeling to work hard and see my body respond the way God made it to respond to hard work. Same with shoving a baby hard, give life. :)

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